Friday, January 20, 2012

Getting To Know You Hop #2

Time for another Friday of Getting To Know You today's question actually comes from yours truly! "What inspired your blog name?" I think this is a great blogger getting to know you question because the title of your blog is the first thing people see when they visit, it gives them a sense of what your blog is about and therefore you.

Here we go.
If you've followed my blog for a while you would have noticed that the title has changed. When this blog first started it was called "Barefoot, TRYING To Get Pregnant & In The Kitchen". Why? Well because at the time I was still trying to get pregnant. This blog was a way for me to document that (often painful) journey so I could one day look back and remember that "wow I went through that, survived, and am stronger because of it". It will also probably be a good reminder how much I wanted baby D when he is driving me up the walls.
It was a play off of the whole "Barefoot, Pregnant & In The Kitchen" that we so often hear.

Well once I got pregnant the title no longer really fit so I dropped the TRYING threw the FINALLY in boom! Perfect blog name (for me)! I have actually already been asked what I will be renaming the blog once baby D arrives. And I am still not sure. I do not plan to change it too much but it definitely will have to fit with our new life.

So what about you? What inspired your blog name? Follow the link above to link up with others and see what their response was! Have fun!


  1. I understand needing to rename as you go about the blog journey, and life journey.
    Congratulations on achieving one step of that dream! (One huge step.)
    My first blog was called simply Learning to Blog. I have now changed it to Exploring the Blogosphere and have a second blog called DogsMom Visits.
    Originally I was going to blog to keep up with other dog blogs and rescue groups. How little I knew about the internet when I began!
    Now I know there is too much to keep my blog tied to one subject.
    If only I had time to keep the blog up AND continue with my rescue work and play with the cats and dogs I live with all day.. and...and...
    I tried to name successive blogs according to topic but then did not have time to continue them.

  2. Just found your blog, I look forward to following along!! Happy Freindship Friday!!

  3. Congrats on your pregnancy!!!! You look great!

    I am a new Google Connect follower from Friendship Friday!

  4. I love how your blog name has changed to reflect where you are in life -- where you in the journey towards parenthood :-)

    My blog is about how my kids drive me Bonkers -- LOL -- just kidding. Well, it might depend on the day :-)

    Thanks for a great question for the blog hop this week -- I enjoyed hearing what the others said, it was a great way to get to know them.

    Bonkers in Barnhart

  5. I love this meme. My blog name was inspired by the emotions that I was feeling at the time I created it. I was going through a rough time and my feelings went from happy to sad, angry, hurt, scared...I was full of emotions and it was a bit unsettling. The name...The Things We Find Inside is a reflection of all the feelings and emotions that one can express in a lifetime.


  6. Thanks for the responses it's awesome to see what inspired peoples blogs and it shows just how different we all are!