Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just a little bit of progress

Yesterday I actually had some noticeable contractions (pressure wave). They caught me off guard each time and took my breath away for a moment, but I quickly used my relaxation techniques from Hypnobabies and just let it come. They weren't anything long, about 20-30 seconds and I only had hmm maybe 10 all day. We also went for a long walk to Starbucks. It was quite amusing to me I noticed that when I was experiencing a "pressure wave" my walking slowed down immensely! And after it had passed my speed picked up again.

This morning I had another Dr appointment. Since I was having a few "pressure waves" yesterday and a lot more pelvic floor pressure I decided to allow for a cervical check to take place just to see what was going on. Honestly knowing dilation and effacement isn't important. Just because you are at 3cm and 50% effaced does not mean that you will be going into active birthing mode soon, but it is cool to say "hey once that active stage hits at least that is blank number of centimeters that I will not have to progress through". That said I'm at 1cm dilated, 70% effaced, and I think he's at -2 station. (I was able to use my relaxation techniques during the exam so I didn't really even feel anything, where as most women say that it is uncomfortable and they feel a lot of pressure) My Dr could feel his head right there and easily, which made me glad because I had still been worried that he wasn't fully head down. So things are right on track for having a happy healthy baby!
Breastfeeding class tonight. No idea what to expect with it but it should at least be informative.


  1. How was the class? I'm really curious as to whether I should look into a class here!

    Will you try take one last belly pic before D arrives?

  2. For me because I have already done so much research and reading about breastfeeding the class was super boring but if you've not done any of that then it's a good idea because there is stuff that unless you've breastfed before you probably wouldn't know of be worried about.