Friday, January 6, 2012

My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Review & Giveaway!

I don't think that I have said before but I really enjoy scrapbooking. I think that it is a great way to make use of and share pictures that you love and are wanting to remember what was going on at the time the picture was taken.
I also love how creative some people are able to get with it and just how beautiful their pages/pictures turn out. I however, am by no means anywhere close to a "professional" scrapbooker, but the few pages that I have done I am proud of. much as I enjoy scrapbooking I never seem to really have the time or the money to get all the cool paper and embellishments for the projects that I would like to. So I never actually get anything done.

I was given an opportunity to try out the My Memories Suite V3 and though I am still a total newbie at it and my pages don't look anywhere as nice as some of the examples I have seen from other My Memories users, I have had so much fun trying it out and learning how to navigate it!

Now let me tell you as somebody who is not all that tech savvy, it's so easy to use! When you download the program it comes with some pre installed paper/backgrounds as well as fonts, embellishments, and layouts that you can use to make your project look just fantastic! Plus with My Memories you can create greeting cards, invitations, gift tags, calendars, the possibilities are seemingly endless!

If you don't find anything in the pre installed options that you like (which I would find hard to believe considering how many you are given) you can go to the My Memories website and either check out the FREE kits available for download (yes I did say free!) or you can look through the countless other pages of kits available for purchase. The prices of the kits available for purchase are very reasonable on average they look to range from $1 - $10! Out of all the kits that I have seen available for purchase none have been over $10.
As soon as you make your (difficult) choice on what kit to purchase you download it right away, there is no having to wait for some software to be sent to you, you can use it right then!

I think that this product is one that most any mom or grandparent should at least try and here is why. As said scrapbook material is expensive and time consuming to try and cut/layout everything before pasting it down, and it also takes up a lot of space. With My Memories all you need to do is buy your kit, choose your picture (which is already on your computer so no printing needed!) and drag and drop. Most of us are on our computers often just "hanging out" so you save time with the digital scrapbook software. I'm definitely excited to have this product to use as D grows up!

My bet is that you are wanting to run over and buy this awesome product right now so you can get started on all those scrapbooking projects that you have just been putting off, but wait! You can enter to WIN you own My Memories digital scrapbooking software download for completely FREE! No shipping, processing, nothing! That's a $40 value for free, just enter below and fill out as many entries as you can for more chances to win!
This contest will run from midnight January 7th to midnight January 15th (EST). Of course, you can buy your own My Memories Suite V3 and use the code STMMMS7531 for a $10 discount, and if you have friends of family who you think or know would be interested in having their very own My Memories package you can send them that code to use as well! The code never expires and can be used as many times as needed, so no worries if you don't win and still want to get the software.

Here are a couple of the pages I have done so far with the My Memories software. Like I said I am still learning how to use and navigate they are not great but definitely not horrible!I can't wait to use it more!

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  1. This is amazing Liz! I went to their online shop and love their kits!!!! I have a couple thousand pictures I need to do SOMETHING with, lol.

  2. Right now the only darn thing I do to keep my photos is in "My Pictures" on my lap top, super lame.

  3. i have them organized on my laptop but hope to evetually have them printed