Saturday, January 21, 2012

Spa Day!

I was treated to a spa day this afternoon (thanks hunny). I went and got a mani/pedi, oh man it was so nice!

The girl really fixed up my nails. Shaping them up and taking care of the cuticles, I also got a nice hand massage, which would have been more enjoyable if the chair I was sitting in moved more so I wasn't having to lean forward so much. Then I got to soak my feet for a while in some nice warm water with some sort of herbal bath salt added to it, and she did up my toes.
After that I was able to choose what scrub and lotion I wanted out of probably 12 different ones. I chose oatmeal-pumpkin-spice for my scrub and green tea something for my lotion. The scrub smelt so good! It was something that I would want to eat it for breakfast if it came as an actual oatmeal! So I got a nice calf and foot massage with that. The girl joked that she would end up putting me in labor from the foot massage, it didn't not even a noticeable braxton hick, but man did it feel amazing! By the way my ankles aren't swollen,but for some reason they seem to look it in these pictures.

I had my toes done in blue so they would be all pretty for when D arrives and I tried to find a nail polish that would match, but it looks more teal on that what it looked in the bottle. In the bottle it looked much darker and a lot more blue than green. Either way I'm happy with it and had a great time getting pampered and relaxing. It will probably be the only time for this to happen before D gets here, then I will have to find somebody to watch him if I want to go get my nails done.

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  1. I painted my fingers and toes that color the night before I had my son, not knowing I would go into labor the next day. Now I have all these pictures with my fingers and toes painted blue - it's a fond memory :)