Thursday, January 12, 2012

Total Fail

Daniel and I went to the CHP station (California Highway Patrol) for car seat instillation this morning, it didn't go as planned. We have an Airflow brand convertible seat, meaning it can go from rear facing 7-40+ pounds then turn it forward for the rest of the time so we decided to go with that.
First the guys that they had doing the instillation were old, like my grandfathers age old, they were not professionals just CHP volunteers. Which is fine you can still know how to install a car seat but not be "professional".

So anyways we have the car seat out of the box just sitting in the back seat so they can just start working on it. From the second they started working on it I could tell that they were not doing it right and just really had no clue what they were doing. I will have to take a picture tomorrow of how they were trying to put the car seat it, my face must have been priceless because I swear I felt my jaw hit the floor. They pretty much had the car seat laying flat, with the foot area up against the back portion of the seat and the top on the passengers seat (the passenger seat was pushed completely forward and folded in half by the way) so you can just imagine how ridicules this set up looked.

What was their solution? I quote "we had the same problem with that guy over there (they point to the man next to us with the LARGE SUV) he had to go get the infant seat with base and we were able to get it in then." I just looked at them and said "well that is great that he was able to go get an infant seat/base which cost as much if not more than our convertible seat but we can't and that was the point of getting the car seat that works as a convertible." The oh so smart officer then said "well I understand that but these convertible seats just don't seem to really work for rear facing we had to tell a few other people that already this morning as well."

Oh! I get it! It's not the seat it's the people trying to install the seats that don't actually know what they are doing! Seriously you can't get the convertible seat to fit in the back of this mans LARGE spacious SUV there is a problem and again it's not with the car seat.
So Daniel and I told them forget it, and we took off. We told my mom later what happened and showed her how they were trying to put it in and she was floored as well.

In other news of the day. We had a doctor appointment this afternoon, it went great. Since they canceled last weeks appointment we did my group B strep test today as well as an ultrasound. No pictures though, the machine was really bad quality. It was just to check and see how D is doing and make sure that he is head down. I'm very happy to report that he is head down (as he has been the whole pregnancy) with his butt up to my left side and his legs stretched out over to my right pushing his feet into my ribs.
I really can not say how much of a relief it is to know that he is head down and will soon be dropping, I'm not sure of his stationing because my midwife doesn't do cervical exams till 38 or 39 weeks. I was actually glad about this because personally while it's cool to know it doesn't always mean anything as to when you will go into labor. Her reasoning for not doing them is because she doesn't want to risk separating or rupturing the water and sending the woman into labor before actually ready.

Just a few more weeks!

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