Friday, February 24, 2012

2 weeks old

Little man is 2 weeks old today.
It's so crazy to think that 2 weeks ago I was seeing/holding my son for the first time. I'm sure I will say that a lot as he grows but it will always be true. It was such an amazing, life changing, monumental event that happened it will always blow my mind that such an amazingly perfect human being came from me. That the love of my life and I were blessed to be chosen as his parents and create him.

Demitri hasn't grown much and is still a little under his birth weight, weighing 7.13 at our lactation appointment the other day. He is still having latch issues due to being tongue tied and having a short frenulum but we are working to correct that, and hopefully once that improves he will start gaining weight better.
Breastfeeding with latch issues is very frustrating especially at night. We're both tired, he's hungry, then he gets frustrated, then I get frustrated...but I'm not quitting! I know once we get over this speed bump it will be so much easier and I will be so glad that I didn't give up.
Oh and Demitri is seriously the most awesome baby ever!
I know that I had said before, while pregnant, that he loved The Doors because every time I would play Love Me Two Times by them he would start to move. Well the other day when on our way to the lactation appointment he was hungry and fussy so I put Love Me Two Times by The Doors on and he immediately calmed down! When the song changed and a different band came on he woke back up and started to whimper again. So I just put the whole CD on and he slept till we got to our appointment.
His daddy sure loves that he is already expressing interest on classic rock (and already had been)!

My baby boy sure has a sweet face that makes it easy to just love him to pieces!

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