Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bamboobies Review & Giveaway!

I love passing on great products and I think that Bamboobies are a absolute must have for any expectant mommy, whether it's your first or eighth baby. They make a great shower gift as well.
I first heard about Bamboobies nursing pads from another mommy blogger who was having a review/giveaway. I read her review and thought "wow these things do sound great, I hope I win".
I didn't, but to my luck a few weeks later Bamboobies had a deal on Babysteals so I was able to snag some up then. I ordered the multipack which came with 3 regular Bamboobies nursing pads and 1 overnight pursing pad.

Now, I may or may not have mentioned this here before but I am one of the not so lucky early leakers. No joke at 15 weeks pregnant I started leaking. It was worst at night and I would wake up with a moist puddle around my chest each morning. It was just annoying, so I started using nursing pads to try and keep from making such a mess. I had tried just a couple different brands of nursing pads and really didn't like them. They were firm (even after washing), scratchy, and I hated the stitching. They kind of reminded me of Madonna, you know the crazy pointy cone boob outfit. Just an over all no.

Bamboobies nursing pads are nothing like that! These are so soft and comfortable and got even softer after a couple washes. One of the unique things about bamboobies nursing pads is that the everyday wear pads are heart shaped.
I'm sure you are thinking "What? Why heart shaped?"
Don't worry I had the same question and didn't fully get it till actually wearing them myself. The heart shape allows for the pad to better contour to your unique breast shape. Which creates less pinching of the fabric and makes it impossible for anybody to tell that you have a nursing pad on. The heart shape really does make a difference compared to the other pads I tried out, and I will say that they don't.

The overnight nursing pads are even softer than the regular nursing pads.
Both sides are covered in super soft organic bamboo fleece, which is nice and easy on sensitive nipples and allows for both sides of the pad to be used so it doesn't matter which way you put it in. Between all that soft cashmere like goodness is a ultra absorbent thick layer of organic cotton + hemp which is great for, well, overnight use as well as when your milk first starts coming in. You shouldn't have any leaks what so ever with how absorbent this specific nursing pad.

Seriously these things have been a nipple saver for me these past several day. Since Demitri is tongue tied he has latch difficulties and the first 3 days of nursing were especially difficulty. My poor nipples were blistered, cracked, and bleeding and the fabric from my tops or nursing bras was just horribly rough and abrasive on them. Bamboobies saved me some pain from that.
Babmoobies has offered one lucky reader a $16.99 credit to use on their website. That's enough to buy a 2 pair pack of either the Regular or Overnight Bamboobies. Or you can put that credit towards any other Bamboobies products on the site. They have a lot more to offer than just some awesome nursing pads. They also sell: baby carriers, "lingerie", post-partum support belts, and much more. Check it out!
Be sure to use the code ELIZ20 for 20% off at check out.
Only valid at not amazon.

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  1. I would love to win the over nights. I am a beyond heavy leaker. Even 5 months down the road and I tend to have a let down heavier than mamas who just had their babes!!!

  2. I would choose to get the bamboobies variety pack

  3. I'd like to get the overnights for comfort. My little girl is coming on Sunday and we could use these.

  4. I would get the 6 pack of regular Bamboobies and some overnighters too!

  5. I would love bamboo-ease therapy pillows!

  6. I would get the regular Bamboobies
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  7. I would get regular bamboobies

  8. I would love the Overnight Bamboobies 2-Pair Pack

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  10. I'd love to get some Overnight Bamboobies!