Saturday, February 4, 2012

A letter while waiting for you

Dear baby boy.
So here we are.
I can't believe that I am just a few days away from holding you in my arms. Your daddy and I really can not wait to meet you and I know that everybody else is anxious for your arrival as well.
I can't wait to see what you look like, what color your eyes are, if you look more like me or dad or a good mix of the both of us. I can't wait to give you lots and lots of kisses, just hold you as long as I want, and watch you peacefully sleep.
I'm excited to see how amazing your daddy is with you. He always smiles when he talks to or about you and his eyes just light up with so much love. He really is going to be the best daddy that you could ever ask for.

It's almost hard to believe that over 9 months have passed since you were first conceived. The time sure has flown by and that makes me a little sad because I realize just how quickly it will fly by and how fast you will be growing up once you get here.
Part of me wants you to just stay little forever so I never have to let go, but I can not wait to see you grow up and experience things on your own and just become an amazing little man like your daddy is.

We're all ready and waiting for you.
Love you so much baby boy!


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