Tuesday, February 14, 2012

LOTS of pictures!

Just few pictures of my sweet little man. I am just so in love with him I find it hard to not just stare at him 24/7. I plan to try and get on tomorrow to post more details about his birth, I feel like my story is so vague right now.

Minutes old and ready to eat. This my favorite picture.
Holding his son for the first time
Daddy calming him down after the nurses took his stats
Sleepy time with the blanket mommy made
Yup he's already a thumb sucker
I love all his fuzzy hair!
Tummy time
Snuggle time with my little man
Hearing test
Finally leaving!
The ride home
Daddy made him a Star Wars mobile
Happy Valentines Day. I had the two best Valentines ever!


  1. He is adorable! I bet you are such a proud mommy! Congrats again, he is heaven sent!

  2. He's beautiful! Anxiously awaiting the hypnobabies review. Did you mention in a PP if you made it through labor without meds?

    I pray the next 7 months are uneventful for me and I get to take home a baby as beautiful as him in September :)