Sunday, February 26, 2012

Then I fell in love again

I didn't think it was possible to love somebody so much. But I was wrong. It 's amazing that love can just grow and multiply so exponentially and the heart not burst at the seams from just being so incredibly full.
Now no I'm actually not talking about Demitri. Though I fell so so deeply in love with him, with everything in me the moment he was born and would give anything for him, right now I am talking about Daniel.

It's amazing to watch the man you love grow and change into not only an even more amazing man but a fantastic loving father who wants to do anything and everything he can to provide for and take care of his family!
It's so awesome to just see the pride he has when looking at and holding Demitri and how much he loves him. It truly melts my heart and each time reminds me why I love him, and that I am seriously the luckiest woman on the planet to be able to call him mine.

He also is so helpful with taking care of Demitri. He gets up at night and takes care of all the dirty diapers then brings him back to me so I can feed him-and burps him after.
It's the sweetest thing to hear him singing The Doors to Demitri while trying to rock him to sleep late at night.

I'm really so blessed to have such an amazing husband and Demitri though he doesn't yet realize it, is so blessed to have such an amazing father!
We truly couldn't have wished for any better of a man to be in our lives!

I love you so much Daniel. I hope you know just how amazing of a man you are!

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  1. Aww, thanks sweetheart... I just try to keep up with you! lol You're such an amazing lady! I love you and Demitri so much!