Sunday, March 4, 2012

3 weeks old

3 weeks? That means that next week my little baby boy will be 1 month old! How on earth is that possible? Wasn't he just born, where is the time going?
This last week has gone by rather quickly, somehow.
Celebrating Dr Seuss Day in his Cat in the Hat diaper
Demitri is cluster feeding again, so I think that he is hitting his first growth spurt. He seems to want to eat, or snack, ever 45 minutes to a hour. And honestly it is annoying for me because it really makes it so all I am doing is nursing, but I know that after a few days it will be done with and we will (hopefully!) go back to our 2-3 hour feeding schedule. Even with his wanting to chow down ever hour during the day he is still sleeping well at night...mostly. Daniel and I get 3-4 hours of sleep at a time and when he wakes up we change his diaper and I feed him then it's back to sleep for another few hours.
At his Dr appointment the other day he was back up to his birth weight and is "looking great". I talked with his pediatrician (who was also my pediatrician when I was a kid) about having his frenulum clipped due to his latch issues and possible speech issues later on but he said that he didn't feel it was necessary just from looking at it (that he has seen shorter and that having a short frenulum does not always mean the child will have speech issues) but that he would talk with the Lactation Consultant after our next appointment and discuss with her what she thinks and get back to me. Daniel and I don't want to have it clipped unless it is necessary and would be beneficial.
He was not happy to be undressed

There are definitely times where I am frustrated but I truly love being a mommy! Moments like this make every frustration, late night, early morning and tear more than worth it!

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