Sunday, March 18, 2012

5 weeks old

Demitri turned 5 weeks old yesterday. It was also his first Saint Patrick's day. We celebrated with a special "it's my 1st Saint Patrick's day" onsie and just cuddled inside out of the pouring rain where it was nice and warm.

He seems to have grown a lot over the last week or so. Daniel and I measured him and he is 22 inches long, so he has grown an inch and a half since he was born. However he hasn't put on much weight so he's a long skinny little thing.
This last week he has (very) slowly started to discover his voice, and that it can be used for more than just crying. He will sit and try chatting with us, making lot of different faces and movements with his mouth, and occasionally will get a squeak out-which surprises him and he then makes a "what was that" face. So funny, and it makes me so excited for when he really starts to babble with us.

Today he had his "baby dedication" if you are not familiar with what that is, it is Daniel and I saying publicly that we are committing to raise Demitri as best we can to love God and in the way God would want. It is not a baptism or christening. I called family and told them about it and that after we were having a "meet the baby" potluck luncheon. It went well, it was very short, Demitri didn't cry or fuss at all, and my family all thought he was just the cutest thing ever.

After such a busy day and so many visitors little man is pooped out (literally) and just wanting to nap.

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