Tuesday, March 27, 2012

6 weeks old & Disneyland

Demitri, at 6 weeks old you had your first trip (outside the womb) to Disneyland! You did so well on your first BIG outing, we got to the park around 2 and didn't get back home till midnight. I had plenty of diapers with us, our couple small travel wet bags, extra clothes, your Star Wars blanket, and the Ergo carrier. I wore you around the park and you slept quite a bit, but as usual when awake you were bright eyed and checking everything out. We even took you on your first ride, Pirates of the Caribbean. The first time on you were sound asleep, the second time you were awake sucking on your paci. with your head on my chest just checking it out.
Dad and I were talking and we cannot (can) wait for you to be older and actually be excited and enjoy going to Disneyland-going on the rides and seeing the characters. We LOVE you being so little and are eating up every single moment and talk about how we don't want you to grow up too fast but we are excited for all those fun stages as you grow...but don't grow too fast! It's already so crazy that you are just a short couple weeks away from being 2 months old.


  1. hey which rides were you able to go on with him? I'd love to take a baby but because we live so far away I wouldn't go unless I knew it was worth the money.

  2. Everything in Fantasyland, pirates, haunted mansion, buzz lightyear, jungle cruise. Just none of the "roller coaster" rides. There are a few you can do in CA Adventure as well like monsters inc, little mermaid, muppets.