Friday, March 9, 2012

One moth old

Ugh time just needs to slow down!
My baby boy is a month old today and growing up too fast...but I am loving every second of it! Not much has changed in the last week, but so much has changed since his birth. Which is still so surreal to me, every time I look at him as he sleeps I am just blown away by how amazing he is and how blessed I am to be his mommy.

Yesterday we took him with us to "see" episode 1 of Star Wars, he did really well! He slept through half of it and then woke up wanted to eat, and just chilled the rest of the time. Not that it would have mattered if he would have fussed since we had the theater all to ourselves!
My little Jedi all dressed up in his robes.
And of course Daddy was loving his outfit and decided to dress up in his as well.
And our family photo. You have to love (proud) nerdy families.


  1. Cute!!! I haven't been to your blog since you had Demitri! He's adorable, congrats!!!

  2. Probably the most precious thing I've ever seen! Congrats again!!! I ran across this blog the other day, and you can print things out, don't know if you'll like any of them for your son, but hey, they are fun to look at!

    I enjoy watching little D grow :)