Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gdiapers (review)

Per request here is a short little review post about one of our favorite cloth diaper brands-Gdiapers. Cute, trim, and easy!

Demitri's first cloth diaper, actually the first diaper ever to be on his bum, was a XS Gdiaper. They were the perfect choice for use because they have a snap down making them umbilical cord stump safe.
Now, a lot of people are turned off from cloth diapering because they think that it will be to difficult and time consuming. That you have to use big pre-folds, safety pins, and ugly rubber pants.

But Gdiapers make it EASY. So easy in fact that they convinced my husband that cloth diapering full time would be just as simple as if we were to use disposable diapers. They are now his favorite brand of diapers to use on Demitri and asks that I buy more so they can be what our diaper stash is made of.

Gdiapers are pretty darn simple.
They kind of remind me of disposable diaper as far as their fastening goes. There are Velcro tabs on both sides that you open up and pull to the back fastening the diaper closed. And yes, I said to the back, compared to a traditional diaper Gdiapers are put on backwards, but they are still super easy to do. At first Daniel did not like they way they closed so he did actually put them on backwards but after a few times of putting them on Demitri the way they are intended to go he was used to it.

Gdiapers come in 4 different sizes: XS, S, M, and L. Which means that as your baby grows you need to get the next size up vs a one-size which will grow with your baby. But Gdiapers are very resonibly priced each cloth cover is only $20 and you can reuse them multiple times. How? Well Gdiapers have snap in PUL (water proof) liners along with hemp cloth inserts. So when one of your cloth inserts becomes soiled you only have to snap out the liner, snap in a clean one, and put a new insert in. Easy-peasy
Gdiapers also have biodegradable disposable inserts. So if washing the cloth inserts isn't your thing or you want to use a form of disposable (without using an actual disposable diaper) while on vacation or away from home, then these are a good option!

So, that is about it for Gdiapers. I would definitely recommend adding them as part of your stash or even for the whole thing, like I said they are super easy aka daddy proof. If you want to try out Gdiapers you can order them online from and on orders $100 or more use the code TRYIT for 10 off + FREE shipping on orders $75 or more.

Remember no matter what type of diaper you use nothing says I love you like a clean one.


  1. Hey Liz,
    Yeah I did read this. What I meant by try "this" with the diaper changing video was the method of changing. I do know the guy in the video is using cloth diapers too and I can't wait to use mine!

  2. I'm a FTM expecting in Jan and bulding up my supply of cloth diapers. I bought the gBbay bundle that comes with 12 xs or tiny and 6 smalls. I also have some bumgenius 4.0's. I'm hoping you can help me with the gDiapers because I cant really find specifics on how to use them. The XS has a built in plastic liner and no snap. The small has a plastic liner that snaps in. I'm sure you already knew that :) It seems you are to put the biodegradable liners or cloth liners on top of the plastic liner, or kind of tuck them in there. Do they stay put without being fastened in or in a pocket (like bumgenius)? Also do you use the disposables or do you use a cloth insert. I'd like to use all cloth if possible and keep dispoables handy for travel and times when the disposable insert would just be easier. Any tips you have, even if they seem super obvious :/ would be greatlky appreciated. Thanks!

  3. Please post your email and I can send you a couple pictures of the XS gDiaperes being set up =)