Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's a Star Wars life

Demitri chillin' in his Star Wars print fitted diaper just laying around in his crib with special Star Wars bedding mommy made. We're both amazed that daddy hasn't tried to claim both as his own.
People always ask Daniel and I "what if he doesn't like Star Wars?", well then he doesn't. It's not like we would disown him or anything over that. My parents are huge NASCAR fans but I hate it. It didn't stop them from enjoying it, it just meant that they didn't take me to the track with them when they went. I doubt that we will have the "problem" kids love to love what their parents love, especially what their daddy loves. And since daddy is a huge Star Wars nut Demitri will likely be into it as well, at least for a little while when he is growing up. If not who cares he will find his own thing to be into and just have to deal with it when Star Wars things do take place.

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