Monday, May 14, 2012

My first "real" Mothers day

Yesterday was my third mothers day since I first become a mother, but it was the first that anybody other than myself, Daniel, or other women who have been through the same thing recognized. And in a way it was my first real mothers day, because it was finally a happy day. I finally had that baby I had prayed so hard for in my arms. It was a little bitter sweet but mostly ALL sweet.
My mothers day started with waking up to a cooing, smiling, happy little boy and then changing his diaper. Ah motherhood!
Then Daniel brought me breakfast in bed and gave me one of my gifts (a 1 pound box of my favorite chocolates) and we just all snuggled and laughed in bed for a while.

My big present was the diaper bag I had been wanting, it even came with the cutest little boy ever!

When I was ready we got up and went to see my mom and tell her "happy mothers day" then we all hung out in the backyard for a while just enjoying being outside. Daniel and I sat on the swing while Demitri snuggled into me napping, and my bother went swimming in the pool.

After Demitri woke up he played on the slide with daddy (he LOVED it) and after that Daniel had us leave to go out to eat.

After going out to eat, we went to church. Daniel had to work but Demitri and I went to the family room to watch the service and I got to enjoy some more sweet snuggles!
While at church I just stared at Demitri and started to cry a little bit. I stared thinking of my friends who have lost children or still struggle to conceive and I just felt so blessed to have this healthy, sweet, little boy. That I am able to call him my son, that I get to love on him as much as I want whenever I want.

It was truly a great Mothers day

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