Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What's been going on.

Hello out there!
My oh my things have been busy here. I've hardly had time to update as I wish to, but now that I am figuring out our new schedule I will be better!
So what have we been so busy with? Well, I've started my studies in placenta encapsulation to further help myself for when I start my doula training! I have been so excited and happy about it as it is something I have a true passion for (pregnancy and helping others) but it has been a lot of study to understand it.
I've been doing more self training with my camera/photography skills (DSRL for dummies anyone?). In just a week we will be heading to Texas where Daniel's family will FINALLY be meeting Demitri! We're both excited about it, and it should be plenty of fun! I'm a tad bit nervous about our first flight but I've gotten some tips from some awesome been-there-done-that moms on how to avoid running into any snags so *fingers crossed* it all goes smooth!

Oh we got a new wrap, again! His name is Glace'. He is beautiful and once again Demitri loved rolling around just playing in it when I pulled 'him' out of the plastic wrap. 

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