Friday, July 13, 2012

New tattoo

I got a new memorial tattoo this week. It turned out amazing. The idea came to me after my brother died last year, and my second miscarriage. I planned to get an iris, narcissist, and poppy flower bunched together. The narcissist  (Decembers flower) stood for my brothers birthday and when we lost the baby. The iris (Februarys flower) for when he passed away, and the poppy for when the baby had been due. I had an appointment set up to get it done when a few days before I found out I was pregnant and was no longer able to.
It ended up being some crazy sort of fate that Demitri's due date and birthday was February 10th, exactly one year after my brother died. So my tattoo idea changed. I decide to get two iris' to represent my brother and Demitri, and two butterflies to represent the two babies that were miscarried. I looked for pictures of iris' and found a picture of a painting (or what looks like it would be a painting) and loved it. It was what I wanted right there in front of me!
My artist did an amazing job my tattoo is really a piece of art on my arm, and has such deep meaning to me.

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