Sunday, July 8, 2012


His right side "K9" tooth. 
Oh teething, what a pain. Both of his "K9" teeth are coming in. The one on the left has been working its way in for the last couple months now and I recently discovered the one of the right as well. I'm really hoping that at least one of them breaks through soon, so hopefully he will have some relief before the next ones decide to start coming in. He's sure going to look cute when both of these break through.

For pain relief we have been using:
-Baltic Amber
-Hyland's Teething Pills
-Frozen toys
-Gripe Water

The amber works well so long as I either A) do not take it off or B) put it on right after he wakes up in the morning. I can definitely tell the difference of when he has it on or doesn't (or has it on too late). Honestly while I love amber for myself and it really helped with my aches, it is not working as well as I was hoping it would with him. I'm not sure why but I just figure it's because teething is a BIG pain. That said I would still recommend trying amber as a natural pain reliever because it could would fantastically for your baby.

Out of the frozen toys that we have, frozen Sophie (the giraffe) is his absolute favorite. He already loved trying to chew Sophie's face off and once I tossed her in the freezer and gave it to him he went nuts. I've suggested this to a few other moms as well and they found it was a great idea for their baby as well. He have the gel filled circular/textured chewers too, but those are second rate to frozen Sophie!

Here he is gnawing on his frozen Sophie, wearing his amber necklace, and wearing fluff.

Hyland's Teething Pills are also not as effective as pain relief for him as they are for other kids. They are great though, so I would still recommend them to other parents who have a fussy teething baby! they're small, fast melting, and fast acting. Once they melt under his tongue they seem to work right then but that relief only last about 30 minutes, and you cannot give the pills too often. Again these are natural based pain relieving pills so these would be my first choice over over-the-counter Advil or the like.

Yes, I did say massage used as pain relief, and yup you guessed it daddy and I are just massaging his gums. Talk about a happy baby! He smiles and babbles the whole time we do it...then tries to chew on our knuckles. Slobbery fingers are worth it to have him feel better!

Gripe water has been a hero at night in our house. Teething has made him so wrestles, he is not wanting to nap during the day, and then he is exhausted but has such a difficult time falling asleep. One night, after he tossed and turned, and I rocked and snuggled him, tried nursing him and just about anything else I could think of...I gave him a dose of gripe water and he was out a few minutes later. Gripe water has never helped him till he started teething, now it works like a charm!


  1. Love the frozen Sophie suggestion. Noah has the same bumps over his K9s and has been bothering him for a few months too... I wonder if they just take forever to poke through? We tried the Baltic Amber necklace and I didn't really notice a difference. I read about all spice beads and I am thinking about trying that next. Hope your little guy has an easier time. We're right there with you... it stinks!

  2. such an adorable baby!
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