Thursday, August 2, 2012

Babywearing snuggles

I love babywearing. I love snuggles. I especially love babywearing snuggles on my birthday! I know I have said it before but babywearing has made life much easier while out and about. I get to keep baby close and still have my hands to do what I need to. Plus I get pretty accessories like this beauty you see here-Gira Night Rainbow 2 shorty with fringe. The cary I am using is called the Kangaroo cary and has become my go to for a fast wrap.


  1. I'm just trying to dive into the world of babywearing... Did you use the woven much when D was younger?

    What size is that? Is the 2 part of the colour or is that the size?

  2. I didn't start to really use a woven till he was 3/4 months old. Once I was more comfortable getting him on my back and he was much happier on my back v my front. Wrapping is still one of those things though that if he's up he's like ok lets go do stuff.
    This one pictured is a size 2 (aka shorty). A size 6 (4.6m) is a standard size and works well for most people because it is enough length to do several different carries. A 5 is good too if you are a little on the thinner side because then you can still do a lot of different carries and not have too much fabric left hanging.
    If you would like more links/info let me know I will see what I can get for you.