Friday, August 3, 2012

Growing too fast!

My little baby boy you are growing too fast!

Over the last couple weeks you have started: crawling, sitting yourself up, saying dada (and knowing who you're talking about), and this morning you decided to stand up by grabbing onto part of the crib and pulled yourself.
You just want to do it all.

In just one week you will be 6 months old! 
Half a year. How has half a year gone by so quickly? 
We'll have been exclusively breastfeeding for 6 months that day as well. Mommy is pretty proud of that. It was a rough start for us with breastfeeding but WE stuck it out and you are a champ now! On your half birthday you will be trying his first solid food! Mommy is a little nervous about that. I am worried you will decide you like "real food" better and decide you don't "need me" any more.  That said, I am excited to see how you react to trying something other than mommy's milk for the first time. We have something special on it's way to you so hopefully you will like it, if he doesn't I know dada will.
I am not looking forward to the solid food poops though. Tossing those water soluble breastfed poops into the washer is much less of a hassle than having to rinse first.
Following my post about Demitri's first food I will be having a giveaway to go along with it, so be sure to check that out! It's going to be a unique giveaway that will either be good for your own baby's first food or a shower gift.

Since you will be 6 months old you will be starting swim lessons soon! You already love being in the water so daddy and I want you to learn to swim young and grow up knowing proper water safety. I'd almost positive you will love swim class.

You don't know it but so much has been going on. Dada has decided not to continue with school and is working on an enlistment package for joining the Air Force, we have been praying that it all goes fast and that he will be in by September, or October at the latest. So far it's all looking good.
It's going to be a huge change, for everybody, but after much talking and weighing options it looks to be the best thing for the family right now.  And it is work that dada enjoys doing. Mommy is nervous that dada will be gone too much and that he will miss out on so much of your milestones as you continue to grow; and you already hate when you see daddy getting ready to leave the house you start fussing at him. I cannot imagine how much it is going to break his heart when you start crying and crawling or running after him trying to get him to stay. But it will all work out for our little family and we will all adjust, and after a while daddy will be able to have more time off to stay home and just be with you which he wants to do more than anything.
Seriously little boy you have got that dada of your wrapped around your finger-that saying doesn't just apply to little girls and their daddy's.
I love getting pictures of you and daddy together! My two handsome men.

Looks like you are still napping so I'm going to go get something started for dinner for dada and myself.
Love you bunches!

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