Thursday, September 13, 2012

D.I.Y Star Wars Halloween costume pt 1

Just a little over a moth before Halloween is here. I've been working on making Demitri's Halloween costume and so far it is coming along great! It has been easy to do, super cheap (we have spent NO money so far!), and I am having fun doing it!

Demitri and dada will be going as Yoda and Luke! I can tell you're not all that surprised. Which is ok, but Daniel has had baby's first halloween costume planned since we found out I was pregnant!

We're on a "lets not spend any money" budget right now so I had to find a way to make him a Yoda costume in that budget so here is what I did.

1) I found an OLD large white kitchen towel, and while looking at it thought "hmm this texture would be great for making his Jedi robes.

2) I took the towel and dyed it using tea. I tossed it into a large bowel, threw 4 or 5 regular tea bags in with it and poured boiling water over top allowing it to brew and absorb into the fibers for probably 15 minutes.

3) Once it looked close to the color I wanted I took the bowl and dumped the tea out then let the newly dyed towel dry out flat in the sun. If the color ended up being lighter than what I wanted once dried it would be easy enough to dye it again either with more tea (or coffee for a definite darker appearance).

4) That evening I took my dyed towel upstairs, folded it in half, and laid it flat so I could draw my pattern on it. I did three different drafts of lines before cutting, and to draw the lines I used sidewalk chalk. In this picture you can see the three different colors I used. First green, then purple, and finally red. Then I taped it down to keep both sides even and cut it out.

5) I don't have a functioning sewing machine right now so I hand sewed it together. And the side of the body that was cut off, I used the scraps to make a hood!

6) And here is part one of his completed Jedi robes. I'm so proud of it because I did it ALL from scratch with zero help from anybody or anything.

The Belt.
1) For the belt I took a pillow case that I do not need/use (due to the odd large square shape) and cut it up. 

2) I took just a long strip that was only dark brown and sewed it together inside out then flipped it to hide the stitching. I found some old watch links sitting in a jewelry box in the closet and added those to the center of the belt for some cool unique detailing.

I was going to add some velcro to the ends as a fastener but decided to just leave it as a tie belt so it can stay nice and snug on his skinny tush.

Next we will be working on his cane and hat (the Yoda ears). It's mazing what you can do with stuff you just have lying around the house!

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  1. This is amazing! I would never guess it was hand stitched. I would not have that kind of patience, good job!