Monday, September 24, 2012

Little sapling - "legacy tree"

Remember my post about Demitri's first solid food? 

Well this is our little sprouted sapling from the avocado that he ate. We are going to transfer it to a pot soon and hopefully it will continue to grow! I am going to make it a little more special by taking some of my encapsulated placenta and adding it to the soil to "feed" it. So here it is, Demitri's little legacy tree! Maybe one day it will be really big and he will be able to play under it while enjoying some more avocados. 

A friend suggested we try grafting it, since avocados are really weird now and apparently will not produce fruit unless grafted. Not sure why that is... I may look into that since the tree it came from is an old rare one.


  1. How did u start ur little tree? Did u place the whole thing in water or do u leave it fully submerged?

  2. Hi, here is a video that I used as my guide. The first time I tried it I had no clue what I was doing and my pits died each time (our cat likes to get into water) But this time we got lucky and he left it alone.