Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mornings are my favorite.

Each morning, early before the sun is up, my sweet little boy starts to stir in his crib. 
I groggily get up and pick him up out of his crib, hold him tight, and crawl back into bed. 
We snuggle, and he nurses as we drift off back to sleep for a while longer. 
Later I wake and just lay there studying his sweet face, still just so amazed at the beautiful human being he is and how blessed I am. 

After I have had my fill of watching him sleep, I begin to wake him by softly kissing his cheek and saying his name. 
I then gently tickle him while singing our "good morning" song. 
As I do he beings to stir and giggle then rolls over to look at me with a happy smile on his face! 

I sing to him a couple more times "good morning sunshine, good morning sunshine, good morning my Demitri, good morning to you!" and follow it up with a few more kisses and tickles, then take him to the potty.

Mornings are my favorite. 
Being a mommy had turned me into a morning person. 

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