Thursday, July 18, 2013


I know not many of you know or have even heard of but it is an organization set up to connect doulas with families who have found out that they will be delivering a stillborn baby or that their baby will pass shortly after birth. 
Doulas also assist in the births of "rainbow babies" (this is what D is considered because he was born after our two losses). 
What makes training with this organization different than say DONA, is the amount of focus put on supporting the mother going through the birth and grieving process all at the same time. 
Most of the women who have gone through this program are loss moms (like myself) who understand the support desired and the emotions that can be felt.

I have been passionate about birth and loss for a while now and hope to train as a doula with this amazing organization!

If you would like to help sponsor me to complete this training I would so very much appreciate it! As a sponsor you would just put the amount you wish to donate towards training and my name (Elizabeth Lane) in the notes.

I am excited to start and complete training and hopefully be just the support and blessing that a families needs. I expect this to be a greatly emotional journey for me personally, each and every step of the way, and to teach me so much more once I start working with families than what I gain from reading and training.

I know that this is what my hearts calling is, it's what I am suppose to do, what I am able to combine all my passions into.

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