Monday, October 28, 2013

Just because: Babywearing

I started babywearing when D was four days old! We had an Ergo, stretchy wrap, a few woven wraps.
I found that after a while I no longer liked our Ergo carrier at all. It wasn't comfortable for me to wear him in, the waist hurt, it was always loose and dug into my hips. I couldn't get the straps tight enough for the shoulders to stay up. I just did not enjoy it.
Don't get me wrong I am not bashing Ergo! I think Ergo is great for people that can get it to fit properly but to me it seems like much more of a daddy carrier due to the way it is cut and structured. Wider hips/waist, broader shoulders, longer torso. It just wasn't working for me and made it so I wasn't enjoying or able to easily wear my baby like I wanted to. I tried wrapping with woven wraps more often but once he started crawling and moving he did not like that, we tried ring slings which were easy but only good for short trips but my sensitive shoulders didn't let me use one for long.

I needed something that I could wear him on my front or back, that would fit both my husband and I easily, and was comfortable for me and baby. My family found our answers in a Tula! For us Tula was exactly what we were looking for, I could wear him on my front and back, my husband and I could swap the carrier back and forth with easy adjustments, it stayed on my shoulders and the waist gets small enough (for reference I wear a size 1 in pants)! It also wasn't as thick and hot for baby as we found the Ergo to be. What I really loved about our Tula was that they were designed and owned by a local San Diego mom! It sure didn't hurt that they came in cute prints too (though I "pimped" ours myself with Star Wars print).

While Tula is the chosen soft structure carrier for our family, there are so many other brands on the market and you can't go wrong with which ever one works best for you an your baby. The most important thing is to remember to 1) keep you baby visible and kissable 2) don't let their chin tuck (keep it easy for them to breath) 3) support the knees!

Aww look how tiny he was!

One month old.

 Daddy wearing baby.

First time being wrapping in a woven, close to two months.

My favorite woven wrap, Kobalt Rouge, 3 months.

On daddy's back and going for a ride, 4 months.

First time using our Tula, the day I bought it, 10 months.

After  I pimped our Tula to better fit our family's personal style.

20 months old and still enjoying being worn…just not wrapped.

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