Wednesday, December 25, 2013

It's A….

We went yesterday afternoon down to San Diego for an ultrasound to see our baby and hoping to also find out the sex of baby number two!

I wanted to wait till we left and do something creative to find out vs just having the tech say "it's a ____". So while filling out info I told the tech that we wanted to find out the sex we just didn't want to be told. We went back into the room and the baby was moving around. We saw the skull from the top and I (having been trying to figure out the whole skull theory thing) said "oh it's definitely a girl!" she asked why I thought that and if it was just I was hoping for a girl over another boy. I said no and I told her about the theory and she was like "well that's actually the first time I have heard a mom make a guess based off that". So she continues on with the scan and has us close her eyes so she could check on what the sex is, she got several different shots and then was done. We got to see our baby now known to the family as A (we do not plan to share the name again till birth) wiggling and kick around, sucking their thumb, and just looking adorable!
Here is baby A sucking their thumb! You can also see the little foot outline. Measured a little small from where my guess date is "set" at but the tech said that the positioning and A being curled up a little still could have thrown that off, but since I know it's only two days off from when I know conception happened I'm really not worried (giving an estimated due date from LMP and ovulation date can produce different results).  
The viewing room we were in has surround sound, so when the tech put the heartbeat up for us to listen to, it was loud and made Little Jedi jump and turn around towards me fast! 
Heartbeat sounded beautiful and was 160 beats per minute.
Another profile shot. Baby A liked to pose for pictures for us, Little Jedi never let us get a clear pretty profile picture so I was super happy to have so many clear shots and see A moving their hands and legs around.
So as we were leaving I had the tech text my friend who was going to help us plan the surprise balloon reveal. She ended up not being able to due to being stuck in San Diego so I picked up a large box and took the sealed envelope with the "potty shots" and written "it's a _____" note to Party City and told them our plan, I picked out the different colored balloons (pink or blue), handed them the envelope, and walked away. The guy working behind the balloon counter did the balloon thing and taped up the box for us then found us walking around and handed it to us so we could get home to (finally) find out if we  were having a boy or girl
When we got home I took the boxes upstairs and wrapped it with a little bit of wrapping paper just to make it look a little more festive. Then we gathered the family together down stairs and opened it up!  

Trying to get a family picture. 
Little Jedi kept snatching the balloon away from me.
Showing dada that he's going to have a baby sister!

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