Saturday, December 21, 2013

Three Days

Three days from now we should hopefully find out the sex of our second baby! We are so excited to find out if we will be having another Little Jedi or a Rebel Princess, and even if we are not able to 100% determine the sex we are just as excited to see how much s/he has grown in the last 5 weeks! Dada is 100% sure that baby is going to be a little princess, as said previously I have no strong feelings one way or the other of what the sex is/will be.

The last week or so every morning baby has been snuggled up at the very, very top left side of my uterus. S/he will just sit there so still that it started to freak me out a little, so this morning I used the flashlight on my phone and held it to my belly to see what baby would do. 
While at this stage the eyes are still fused shut, a baby will start to be able to sense and respond to outside stimulation such as light or palpitations. S/he didn't seem to like the light too much and moved to the right side and sat there till I took the light away then went back to his/her comfy spot. I could see the movement and feel the large ball of baby but I have not yet been able to feel any actual distinctive movement. I think that this baby has his/her back facing out vs Little Jedi who often faced forward and I could feel every kick and jab right around this time during pregnancy with him. I don't think I will feel much movement with this baby till 16+ weeks.

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