Monday, January 27, 2014

Baltic Amber for Teething Pain Review

When I was pregnant with the Little Jedi I had heard a lot about "teething necklaces" being used for toddlers/infants who are having pain from teething, but when I first heard about it I pictured them being some sort of chew toy attached to a cord that the parent would wear and baby would just gnaw on whenever they were uncomfortable.
However, I was wrong.
These pain management necklaces, as they should more appropriately be refereed to, are made of high quality Baltic Amber and are not meant to be chewed on.

Ok, so how does it work then? According to Inspired by Finn when you wear the amber the skin's warmth releases trace amounts of healing oils from the amber. These oils contain succinic acid and are absorbed into the skin. Succinic Acid is a natural component of plant and animal tissues, and it's presence in the human body is beneficial in many ways. It is scientifically accepted that the darkest colored amber generally contains less succinic acid than lighter colors.

While that's all well and good as far as explaining how and why it works, I was skeptical (as I am sure many out there ready this are) to how effective some amber beads could actually be. I mean you are not actually ingesting anything to get into your system like you would with herbal pills, tinctures, or tea's. You're not even applying a high volume liquid to be absorbed topical as you would an essential oil. You are just setting beads on the skin and wearing them like jewelry. Could it really work that fast or effectively?

Let me tell you from one former skeptic to the current skeptic reading this now, it does work, that fast and that effective. I started having Little Jedi wear his necklace at just a few months old but the true test came when he started cutting teeth around 7 or 8 months.
He cut his two bottom teeth within a week, and a few days later the top two were starting to cut too.
He hardly fussed, I didn't even notice the bottom two teeth till they were half way through.
The top two though, those were a different story.
They worked their way in slowly and made him cranky! Even with the amber taking the edge off he was not a happy baby during those days and it made my mamma heart sad.
I bought and had him start wearing a second necklace and boom, instantly he was a different baby.
The fussing stopped, he was less drooly, he didn't constantly have his hand in his mouth trying to rip at his gums in frustration. I could tell if he did not have his necklaces on, and he could too as he would start bringing them to me if we forgot to put them on him in the morning.

That right there made a full on believer out of me. Seeing my sweet baby go from fussy and uncomfortable from pain to so smiley happy nobody would have guessed he was teething; and knowing that the only thing he was given was those two necklaces. Wow.

I recommend Baltic amber necklaces to all my mommy friends and even strangers I hear talking about their little padawan having teething pain because it truly does work! I always mention that their baby may need one or two strands of necklace to really get relief, like Little Jedi needed, but they will see a difference!

*This review was not sponsored by the above mention shop "Inspired by Finn" nor any other shop. I received no compensation for this review. All words and photos are my own unless otherwise stated.*

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wizard World-Portland Comic Con

We went on our first family outing this weekend. 
This was not one of the previously planned outings that are in our "adventure jar" to chose from but dada wanted to go check it out, so we did! We spent our time at the Wizard World- Portland Comic Con. My guys dressed up as Jedi and walked around showing off their light sabers that dada made for the both of them. They got lots of complements and Little Jedi was just cute as always. 

We stopped by the Madalorian Mercs booth, Dada talked sabers with them and about the Mandaloria style armor that he wants to make to join the group,

and we saw Boba Fett while walking around. Little Jedi recognizes Star Wars characters and was excited to see him, but shy when we actually walked up.

Just chillin with R2

Little Jedi was excited to go say hello to the 501st troopers. He started on the far right waving hello to the Stormtrooper and moved to the left waving hello and giving high-fives as he went along.

When he got to the Stormtrooper on the end he just held his fist up waiting to get a fist bump but as you can see from the above photo the Stormtrooper didn't notice him. So the Tuscan Raider had to get his attention and direct him towards Little Jedi.

Dada and Philip got to meet Peter Mayhew, who most will know as Chewbacca. They worked Friday evening on the saber that Dada carried around with him to show off plus a saber cane for Peter, who is a very tall man and recently had knee surgery. Peter loved the cane and if you search twitter you can see photos of him with it!

We ended up having a very long and tiring but good day!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Just A Little Bump

It's hard to believe that pregnancy with our Rebel Princess is almost halfway through! The year is just getting started but by the time we are halfway through it our family will be welcoming our princess into our home! 
I have been feeling pretty big these last few days, especially when I compare my bump size currently with how big I was with Little Jedi at the same week. But I remind myself that this is my second baby (and fifth pregnancy even though the others did not make it to 8 weeks) and because of that I will start showing a little faster and look a little bigger because of that fact. 
Around 15 weeks a started feeling very dull movements from her, more like she was pushing her back out towards me, nothing consistent though. 
It seemed odd to me, I felt Little Jedi very early and since everybody says you feel movement earlier with subsequent pregnancies I just expected to feel her moving close to the same time as I first felt movement with him. However it seems our Rebel Princess seems to be far more dainty than her older brother who was a kick boxer from the start and still a bundle of energy. However I know without a doubt that I felt her moving and kicking around this morning! I tried to get dada to feel it but he fell back to sleep very quickly. I love this part of pregnancy when the baby bump is still small but it's clear you're pregnant, and movements are sweet and fluttery.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Boogie Wipes Review

Snotty, runny, crusty, icky-sicky noses are bound to happen when you are a parent to a baby or toddler. Kids inevitably get sick and most have not mastered the art of blowing their nose, so it runs everywhere. As adults we know ourselves that when you are sick and congested and constantly blowing or wiping your nose it can become red, raw, and sore. Our little ones have even more sensitive skin than we do so plain old paper tissue is just not going to cut it for them. 

Thank goodness for Boogie Wipes
Made by a mom, these plush wipes made with natural saline are just what the rest of us mamas called for! They let you gently wipe away gooey snot with easy and make getting off crusted on snot just as simple; and because they are made with natural saline they prevent the skin from drying out and causing pain and irritation of those cute little noses.

Little Jedi seems to greatly enjoy Boogie Wipes.
He no longer fights me when he needs to wipe/blow his nose, and will even bring the package of wipes to me for help before his nose gets too icky.

Heck, I will be honest this product may have been made for kids but I have definitely used it myself! As said nobody likes that raw dried out feeling regular tissues can cause and the wipes being 7" x 7.9" make them large enough for an adult to use.

We're a fan of the grape scented Boogie Wipes though there is a Fresh scent, which I found to be too strong and flowery. Boogie Wipes come in two different size packages in stores (other size/count options are available online). A rectangular "to-go" snap top bag with 30 wipes and a round snap top container with 90 wipes. I always have a "to-go" pack (pictured above) in Little Jedi's backpack and a large container (sometimes two) for at home use.

Boogie Wipes are a must in our home and I would highly recommend them to any parent!
Seriously try them, you will love them too!

**Boogie Wipes company has other products available but today's review is strictly on the wipes themselves. This review is not paid for or sponsored by Boogie Wipes company of any other company. All opinions, words and photos contained within are my own unless otherwise states and do not reflect the views of the company itself.**

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


When Little Jedi was born I had a couple songs that I played for him when we finally had some quiet alone time. It was still morning, the nurses had finally left our room after constantly trying to kick them out, family had gone back home for a few hours. It was just me, dada, and our new sweet baby. I played the songs and just held him and marveled at how amazing he was. "You Were Born" by Cult Cloud was the first song a quiet whisper song more like a lullaby than anything else. Now each time I listen to it I am taken back to that moment in our hospital room with the light coming in through the window. I remember just crying and smiling while it played. I love how music can invoke such strong emotions from everybody, something you may have forgotten suddenly comes back when you hear that melody star. 
He now has a separate play list that keeps growing when I find a song that hits my "mommy-key" and makes me think of him. I will burn them to a CD one day and give them all to him.

Obviously I have to have a song for our Rebel Princess. I have thought about it but just didn't know what song to use, then the lyrics to one of my favorite 80's classic songs popped into my head, it was actually the song I had requested to have my father-daughter dance at my wedding be to (our DJ sucked but that's a different story) and I knew that was going to be "her" song. I can't wait to have my quiet time with her after she is born and the "chaos" and high from birth has started to settle. To just look upon her sweet face and enjoy the moment, to start to learn who she really is; to have my little family snuggled up together and begin another new exciting chapter. 

My Little Jedi and I.

Sunday, January 5, 2014


My motherhood journey started with loss, as many other women also end up experiencing. 
That first loss was the hardest thing I had ever experienced. I felt like I had nobody to turn to who would understand what I was feeling and support me in the way I was looking for. 
But, I was able to take my pain and turn it into positive energy! I because obsessed with all things conception, pregnancy, and baby related and loved talking to people about it and just giving a sympathetic ear to those grieving the loss of a child or a dream (infertility). 
I knew I had found my calling. I had never felt such a fire or drive about any “job” before. 
I knew I want to become a doula (and hopefully a birth photographer as well). To help all families in that magical earth changing moment, even if earth shattering all at the same time. 
A doula is there to help the mother through any stage of birth from first to third trimester. A doula is there for the mother after the birth to help out any way she needs.  
I don't care how long it takes for me to get to this, this is something I will do! I know that other than being a wife and mother, this is my calling. To be there for others when they need me, to laugh and cry with them, to be their voice when needed. 
If you're interested in sponsoring/supporting me to start training just click the link below and let them know that you are wanting to help Elizabeth Lane. 
It may take more time than I want it to but I'll reach this dream! 
(Hopefully by the end of the year…)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy Start of 2014!

Our family resolution is to get out and go exploring more! Every other weekend we will go explore our new home town. As you can see I have each activity numbered, and on the weekends we will not be going out we will draw a number and have the upcoming week to plan for it! Can't wait to see what Portland area has to offer and make lots of fun new memories!

        Places to go:
  1. Mount Hood 
  2. Multnhomah Falls
  3. Latourell Falls
  4. Sheppards Dell/Columbia River Gorge 
  5. Bridal Veil Falls 
  6. Wakens Falls 
  7. Oregon (Portland) Zoo 
  8. Tyron Creek State Natural Area 
  9. Mary S. Young State Rec. Area 
  10. Portland Japanese Garden 
  11. Lavender Haven 
  12. Washington Park 
  13. World Forestry Center 
  14. OMSI 
  15. Portland Children's Museum 
  16. Portland Chinese Garden 
  17. Portland Aerial Tram 
  18. Mount Tabor 
  19. Council Crest Park 
  20. Forest Park 
  21. Jamison Square 
  22. The Grotto-National Sanctuary 
  23. Laurelhurst Park 
  24. First Presbyterian Church Portland 

     Eats to try:

  • Voodoo Doughnuts $
  • Nuvrei Pastries $
  • Burgerville $
  • Pok Pok $$
  • Evoe $$
  • Paley's Place $$$