Monday, January 20, 2014

Boogie Wipes Review

Snotty, runny, crusty, icky-sicky noses are bound to happen when you are a parent to a baby or toddler. Kids inevitably get sick and most have not mastered the art of blowing their nose, so it runs everywhere. As adults we know ourselves that when you are sick and congested and constantly blowing or wiping your nose it can become red, raw, and sore. Our little ones have even more sensitive skin than we do so plain old paper tissue is just not going to cut it for them. 

Thank goodness for Boogie Wipes
Made by a mom, these plush wipes made with natural saline are just what the rest of us mamas called for! They let you gently wipe away gooey snot with easy and make getting off crusted on snot just as simple; and because they are made with natural saline they prevent the skin from drying out and causing pain and irritation of those cute little noses.

Little Jedi seems to greatly enjoy Boogie Wipes.
He no longer fights me when he needs to wipe/blow his nose, and will even bring the package of wipes to me for help before his nose gets too icky.

Heck, I will be honest this product may have been made for kids but I have definitely used it myself! As said nobody likes that raw dried out feeling regular tissues can cause and the wipes being 7" x 7.9" make them large enough for an adult to use.

We're a fan of the grape scented Boogie Wipes though there is a Fresh scent, which I found to be too strong and flowery. Boogie Wipes come in two different size packages in stores (other size/count options are available online). A rectangular "to-go" snap top bag with 30 wipes and a round snap top container with 90 wipes. I always have a "to-go" pack (pictured above) in Little Jedi's backpack and a large container (sometimes two) for at home use.

Boogie Wipes are a must in our home and I would highly recommend them to any parent!
Seriously try them, you will love them too!

**Boogie Wipes company has other products available but today's review is strictly on the wipes themselves. This review is not paid for or sponsored by Boogie Wipes company of any other company. All opinions, words and photos contained within are my own unless otherwise states and do not reflect the views of the company itself.**

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