Friday, January 24, 2014

Just A Little Bump

It's hard to believe that pregnancy with our Rebel Princess is almost halfway through! The year is just getting started but by the time we are halfway through it our family will be welcoming our princess into our home! 
I have been feeling pretty big these last few days, especially when I compare my bump size currently with how big I was with Little Jedi at the same week. But I remind myself that this is my second baby (and fifth pregnancy even though the others did not make it to 8 weeks) and because of that I will start showing a little faster and look a little bigger because of that fact. 
Around 15 weeks a started feeling very dull movements from her, more like she was pushing her back out towards me, nothing consistent though. 
It seemed odd to me, I felt Little Jedi very early and since everybody says you feel movement earlier with subsequent pregnancies I just expected to feel her moving close to the same time as I first felt movement with him. However it seems our Rebel Princess seems to be far more dainty than her older brother who was a kick boxer from the start and still a bundle of energy. However I know without a doubt that I felt her moving and kicking around this morning! I tried to get dada to feel it but he fell back to sleep very quickly. I love this part of pregnancy when the baby bump is still small but it's clear you're pregnant, and movements are sweet and fluttery.

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