Wednesday, January 8, 2014


When Little Jedi was born I had a couple songs that I played for him when we finally had some quiet alone time. It was still morning, the nurses had finally left our room after constantly trying to kick them out, family had gone back home for a few hours. It was just me, dada, and our new sweet baby. I played the songs and just held him and marveled at how amazing he was. "You Were Born" by Cult Cloud was the first song a quiet whisper song more like a lullaby than anything else. Now each time I listen to it I am taken back to that moment in our hospital room with the light coming in through the window. I remember just crying and smiling while it played. I love how music can invoke such strong emotions from everybody, something you may have forgotten suddenly comes back when you hear that melody star. 
He now has a separate play list that keeps growing when I find a song that hits my "mommy-key" and makes me think of him. I will burn them to a CD one day and give them all to him.

Obviously I have to have a song for our Rebel Princess. I have thought about it but just didn't know what song to use, then the lyrics to one of my favorite 80's classic songs popped into my head, it was actually the song I had requested to have my father-daughter dance at my wedding be to (our DJ sucked but that's a different story) and I knew that was going to be "her" song. I can't wait to have my quiet time with her after she is born and the "chaos" and high from birth has started to settle. To just look upon her sweet face and enjoy the moment, to start to learn who she really is; to have my little family snuggled up together and begin another new exciting chapter. 

My Little Jedi and I.

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