Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wizard World-Portland Comic Con

We went on our first family outing this weekend. 
This was not one of the previously planned outings that are in our "adventure jar" to chose from but dada wanted to go check it out, so we did! We spent our time at the Wizard World- Portland Comic Con. My guys dressed up as Jedi and walked around showing off their light sabers that dada made for the both of them. They got lots of complements and Little Jedi was just cute as always. 

We stopped by the Madalorian Mercs booth, Dada talked sabers with them and about the Mandaloria style armor that he wants to make to join the group,

and we saw Boba Fett while walking around. Little Jedi recognizes Star Wars characters and was excited to see him, but shy when we actually walked up.

Just chillin with R2

Little Jedi was excited to go say hello to the 501st troopers. He started on the far right waving hello to the Stormtrooper and moved to the left waving hello and giving high-fives as he went along.

When he got to the Stormtrooper on the end he just held his fist up waiting to get a fist bump but as you can see from the above photo the Stormtrooper didn't notice him. So the Tuscan Raider had to get his attention and direct him towards Little Jedi.

Dada and Philip got to meet Peter Mayhew, who most will know as Chewbacca. They worked Friday evening on the saber that Dada carried around with him to show off plus a saber cane for Peter, who is a very tall man and recently had knee surgery. Peter loved the cane and if you search twitter you can see photos of him with it!

We ended up having a very long and tiring but good day!

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