Sunday, February 9, 2014

Long Family Weekend

Family adventure weekend three.
Thursday afternoon it started snowing, and snowed consistently till this afternoon when the air heated up about 32 degrees and it started raining. We sat at our table and watched as the large tree in the park just had large chunks of ice fall and crash down.
Dada came home early from work Thursday afternoon, we went to the grocery store and picked up a few things (just incase the snow became to heavy to drive in).  That afternoon we just stayed in and snuggled watching a few movies and drinking hot chocolate.
We spent most of the rest of weekend playing in the snow, the Little Jedi enjoyed it so long as it wasn't extremely windy and his hands weren't cold. I busted out the snow suite and jacket that he got for Christmas and he was toasty warm while playing in the cold.

We stopped at Mount Talber Park Friday afternoon while it was snowing and walked back to the little creek we visited the week before. 
It's amazing how quickly and drastically the snow changes how things look.

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