Thursday, February 20, 2014

Origami Owl

Most people, or at least most women, have heard of Origami Owl. 
They know a seller, somebody who owns one, or have been invited to a jewelry party.
What you may not know is that Origami Owl was created a few years ago by a young high schooler trying to find a way to make and save money to buy her own car. I bet she never dreamed that her little high school side job/hobby would be a huge company before she was 25!
The awesome thing about Origami Owl lockets are that you really truly can customize them to be as unique as you want it to be. They make great personalized gifts to literally anybody and look beautiful when worn! Origami Owl lockets are empty double sided clear glass lockets with different charm options you can chose from to "tell your own story", show support to a cause you care about, or just make a theme you like. The lockets come in three sizes: small (about the size of a dime), medium (about the size of a nickel), and large (size of a quarter). All lockets have a hinge open so you can swap your charms as often as you like, and a built in magnetic clap to keep it closed.  There are many categories of pre made charms to chose from including: birthstones, causes, animals, music, travel, hobbies. There are dangles to hang from the locket loop, chains of different length, and pre-stamped plates.
I love my lockets! One (not pictured) holds my brothers ashes, the other I cut down a photo to use as the background and the charms represent my family and our story. So far I have a heart shaped October (birth)stone the represents my wedding anniversary, a hummingbird as that is what my husband uses as a nickname when writing me letters, a rainbow that represents the babies we lost to miscarriage, and an amethyst birthstone that represents Little Jedi's birthday. Once the Rebel Princess actually arrives I will add her birthstone to the locket but as of now I don't know if she will be born in June or a few days later and be a July baby.

I am offering ONE randomly selected winner an Amethyst birth/accent stone that they can add to their own locket. If you don't have a locket yet don't worry, just leave a comment and I can help get you in touch with a designer that can help you get one going! 
Follow the link HERE to enter!

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