Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cavalier & Whimsy

Well I did it.

I jumped into the work-at-home-mom business world and opened up an online shop to sell kids t-shirts with the designs I have been making on them!
I am super excited about it but know that this might be a slow (possibly very slow) start.
Right now I have one (boy/unisex) design available for preorder in baby and youth sizes and am finishing up a for girls design right now that I will be adding to the shop for preorders!

Want to check it out or just give me some moral support? You can find my shop on Facebook, Instagram, and Storenvy.
Online shop:

PS: If you are thinking of ordering definitely check the Facebook or Instagram accounts for a special discount code!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Portland Japanese Garden

Family adventure weekend!
We have been slacking on our adventure weekends here recently. Dada has been working longer hours so he likes to stay home and relax. And pregnancy has been kicking my butt literally. Walking, sometimes even just standing, has become painful and drains my energy to zero.
This weekend we went into downtown Portland. 
Grabbed lunch at a few different local food trucks then drove over the bridge to the Japanese Garden!
We had a great time walking around. It's a truly beautiful area, quiet and peaceful, with a great overview of the city looking towards Mnt Hood! I would love to go back beginning to mid May and have maternity photos taken there!
Entry is $20 per adult and children 5 years old and under are free, parking is about $2 per hour. The Little Jedi loved running around and could have spent the whole time watching the fish in the large pond! Definitely a must do at least once (or twice) for locals! Heck going once per season is what I would recommend that way you can really see how it changes.