Monday, April 28, 2014

Kinetic Sand

So I picked up this stuff called Kinetic Sand (Youtube demo here). 
We had seen it at Micheal's a few times during check it and thought it was cool but didn't buy it. But the other day I decided to get a box and just see how interested in it the Little Jedi would be. 
I emptied the 2 pound box into a bake dish I had on hand and let him sit in the kitchen to play.
He loved it! 
We sat and played with it for over a hour, and when dada got home we played with it a lot more! 
Dada and I half jokingly said we should get a whole sandbox full of it, too bad that would be super expensive because in reality it would be amazingly awesome!

Kinetic sand is pretty crazy, it's smooth with only a small fine graininess to it, it doesn't dry out, if it gets wet it will just air dry and be back to normal. Great for kids of all ages! You can mold it and it will hold that shape till you either smash it down or with even just a finger sweep downward and it will "mush" up, plus it cleans up easy!

You really have to check it out for yourself, it's better than play dough if you ask me! 
The Little Jedi has loved playing with it!