Saturday, April 19, 2014

Oregon Zoo

Family Adventure Weekend (Finally!)

The last few weekends dada has been working extra hours so we haven't really had opportunity to get out and go on an adventure around the city and just hang out. 
This weekend he had his normal time off and the weather was great today so we decided to go to the zoo like we had been wanting to for the last few weekends. 
It was the Little Jedi's first trip to the zoo, and therefore our first zoo trip as a family!
He seemed to really enjoy himself and I know that dada and I sure did! 
We took our time walking around to the different animal enclosures, looking at the animal(s) living in them, and talking to the Little Jedi about them (what they were, the noise they made, etc). 
He loved to imitate the animal noises and would giggle when he and dada just spent time growling at each other back and forth. 
We saw bears, all times of primates, reptiles, big cats, giraffes and lots more.
As we were walking the Little Jedi saw his favorite animal, the elephant! 
He started squealing with excitement, making elephants noises and pointing for us to go over and see them, but as we got closer we discovered most of the area was closed off due to construction so you could only see the majority of them through a fence from a distance. 
The Little Jedi was NOT happy about that! He wanted to go see "baby fent" and tried to climb the fence and walked around inspecting it for an opening to accomplish that goal, but not dice.
So, other than that one "flop" everything went smooth and we all were exhausted by the time we left to head home. 

My unhappy elephant lover stuck behind a fence.

Wild African Dog

Face to face with a Chetah.

My sunshine checking out the giraffes.

Hands down THE BEST expression of the day! 
After watching the giant crocodile swim by he gave this look, he wasn't too sure about it.

He wanted all the animals to come to him that day, but if one of the birds had landed on him I am pretty sure he would have freaked out.