Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pregnancy Update

So far so good!
31 weeks, in the third trimester, and creeping closer and closer to the end of June when the Rebel Princess is expected to arrive.
This pregnancy has really flown by and I can't believe that we're almost halfway through the calendar year and in single digit weeks of our baby countdown.
Thus far I have not gained anywhere near as much weight as I gained during pregnancy with the Little Jedi but I feel a heck of a lot fatter, as it all seems to be showing in my face. And seriously I gained a TON of weight when pregnant with him.
Oh well I can't really complain too much, least it's only temporary and for a good cause! 
As of right now she is head down and enjoying kicking my ribs, just as her older brother did, but occasionally she will shift sideways and press her head into my hip which ends up making walking difficult and uncomfortable.
Things are still on track for having a planned home birth, we have our midwife team, a doula (who will likely be helping most by entertaining the Little Jedi for us), and a birth photographer all lined up and I'm so excited; which I am sure sounds very odd as birth/labor itself it's entirely enjoyable, but if you have had a positive natural birth experience you would get my meaning. 
Lately I have been feeling quite overwhelmed about a mom to two. Having a toddler (who already doesn't like naps and is a HUGE mamma's boy) running around is tiring as is, adding a newborn into the mix is just a crazy thought that I am not sure I am ready for, but I am not the first mom to do it so I am sure I will survive just fine. And you know it could be worse we could be having twins and jumping from 1 to 3! Haha! But really over all pregnancy is the easy part, once the baby is out in the world it's a whole different game! 

The Little Jedi loves to give his baby sister kisses and blow raspberry (aka fart noises) on my belly. We're not sharing her name till she is born but have been teaching it to him and it's truly adorable when he says it! Hopefully he will have it mastered by her arrival so we can post up a video of him giving the announcement, and even if he doesn't have it down perfectly his little babble of saying it will be just as cute!

This one was more than a couple weeks ago around like 24 or 25 weeks (since it was before I cut my bangs) but the Little Jedi  was too cute and had to jump in the photo with me! 

Two weeks ago at 29 weeks.