Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Small Business Spotlight: Feather Feet Inc

Instagram has introduced me to many new (and totally awesome) shops recently, one I would like to take a moment to spotlight is Feather Feet Inc

Feather Feet is a very small work at home mom team, they specialize in hand crafting high quality leather moccasins (in case you did not know "moccs" are all the rage right now!) for babies and bigger kids. I was lucky enough to find this awesome small shop on Instagram and enter a giveaway they were hosting for TWO free pairs of moccs, obviously winning a contest is thrilling on it's own but I was really super excited to give these moccs a try. 
Why? Well because judging just from photos they were as I said very high quality with high attention to detail paid BUT unlike the current large baby moccasin dominator company (who also has a fabulous product!), these stylish Feather Feet moccs are under HALF the competitors price! 

That's huge! So many parents want to get their kids these stylish trendy moccasins but just can't afford or justify such a large expense for soft soled leather moccasins that children will likely outgrow quickly and wear down from constantly playing in them. 

Feather Feet is striving to provide those parents with a just as awesome, less expensive choice! You can even customize your order to include bows on the shoe or have two tones (different colored bottom).

Now down to the product itself. 
I chose my two pairs of moccasins- the first for the Little Jedi in Gunmetal coloring and the second for the Rebel Princess when she arrives (dada helped chose the color and went with Jade). 
The leather is super soft inside and out the stitching is even and shows no sign of just easily splitting at the seem during play. Which is important as again this is a product designed for kids and kids play hard! There is enclosed elastic around the ankle to keep the moccasin on securely while kids run and play in them (or crawl around). The colors options available are bright and fun but there are also simple neutrals, so you can gather a rainbow and style them to most any outfit you want to. 

Here is the Little Jedi wearing his Gunmetal moccasins while out playing.