Monday, May 5, 2014

Small Business Spotlight: Dear Cub

Today's small business in the spotlight is Dear Cub! 

As with our last spotlight business Feather Feet Inc I discovered Dear Cub via Instagram and immediately loved the kids t-shirts they had designed!
I bought what I will call their "classic" design (as seen on the Little Jedi in photo below) and that's where the trouble started

Dear Cub is a small mama run at home business. She recently released their new designs on tank tops for their spring/summer line and they're just too much I tell you!

Dear Cub is printed on American Apparel (re: American made) shirts, designed by Dear Cub owner, and printed at a screen printing shop local to her in Sac. CA. I love how just typing all that out you can see the positive impact that shopping small has on Americans, your neighbors, our economy just because of one person and one purchase!

Anyways... I have found that since trying to shop small many of these work from home small businesses charge a hefty price for their product. I don't feel that Dear Cub runs their business in this way, I find that the prices are reasonable and that is a huge appeal to me as well!
I have found that they offer excellent customer service, again another huge-huge selling point for me that will keep me coming back over and over again! 
Shipping and communication has always been fast, the product received has never been wrong or found to have any defects, and if you follow on Instagram you can find the occasional discount code to use on your order (as well as giveaway)!

As of right now the Little Jedi has 5, yes 5, Dear Cub shirts in his wardrobe, and I'm almost 100% sure that we will be adding more. An added bonus is that most of the shirts can be styled to be unisex, so as long as the Little Jedi doesn't wear them down too much little sister will also be getting use out of them!

So go and check out Dear Cub, give them a like and then buy something "for you kiddo" (cause lets be honest we moms buy our kids clothes cause WE like it haha) you definitely will not regret it! Oh I should note though that not all the designs you see here will be available some are retired or sold out.

*Please note that unless otherwise stated I do not receive compensation for promoting these businesses, this is something I do because I believe in supporting other small businesses and sharing what I believe are amazing products!*