Sunday, May 4, 2014

Star Wars Day!

Well the day is at an end, I hope you had a wonderful Star Wars Day celebration! 

My Little Jedi is next to me snuggling as we wind down for the evening and get ready for bed so I have a moment to post about our low key but fun family day!

Saturday night I found a small amount of time to at least make the pennant banner I had wanted to make and get that hung up, as well as "hide" a few candy filled Darth Vader heads. Not the prep for Star Wars themed snacks and decorations I wanted but those only matter to me, the Little Jedi could not care more if I made them of silk and gold, haha!

We started our morning with breakfast while the Little Jedi and dada went through their buckets to see what I got for them. Then we got dressed and went to the Disney store for a special limited edition pin release they were having for the first 100 guests + "Jedi training" (not as cool as when dada teaches saber combat)! Then we had lunch out at Panera (because it was the closest thing), grabbed some snackage then came back home and began our movie marathon! 
We started with the new Lego Star Wars movie that the Little Jedi got in his bucket and after that finished started on the original trilogy. I am not sure if you have ever seen any of the Lego Star Wars spoofs but they are cute, if you've not seen any you should! We own three now and the Little Jedi just loves them, but show me a little boy who isn't entertained by Lego or Star Wars.
We munched on pizza, chips, and soda for dinner. You know good movie marathon stuff!

All throughout the day the Little Jedi and dada played with dada's large collection of action figures (the Little Jedi's elephants and dinosaurs made an appearance as well) the two also found themselves locked in an epic indoor lightsaber battle! I can't be sure who won though, as the Little Jedi decided to just throw his saber down and go watch more of the movie but dada didn't finish him off or call it forfeit…guess we'll call it a draw. 

Next year we are hoping that our nonprofit will be able to host a large event for the kids and their families to partake in! While May the 4th (aka Star Wars day) is getting bigger and people/businesses are starting to participate in and host events there are still not many family activities going on and we hope to be able to be part of that change and bring positivity with the nonprofit all at the same time!

The Little Jedi's bucket

New t-shirt and toothbrush!

Hidden candy filled Darth Vader heads.

Just showing off some of the cool Star Wars prints we have!
& a hidden Vader head...

Aren't you a little too cute to be a Stormtrooper?

Lounging with dada reading his new Star Wars counting book.