Wednesday, June 25, 2014

40 Weeks!

Today is the Rebel Princess' estimated due date, so we are fully full term today and just waiting on her to decide to make her grand entrance!

Monday we went to what will hopefully be our last appointment with the midwives (well while pregnant that is, I will still see them for a few weeks postpartum). 
The Little Jedi has been very lovey and hands on with me here the last week or so and decided that at this appointment he was going to be the "Dr"! He hopped up on the table with me and used each tool as they were finishing with it. He "listened" to my heartbeat and "checked" my blood pressure. 
Then he used the fetoscope and listened to baby sisters heartbeat and "help" the midwife listen to it as well. It was seriously one of the sweetest things I've seen him do (and he does a lot of sweet things). 
I can't wait to see how amazing of a big brother he is going to be once she is born.
So now it's just the waiting game. 
Everything is ready at home for her arrival…I think. I decorated our living room area ready for the party (aka what will be her birthday!), have gifts wrapped up for the big brother to be, and gifts he chose (and a special one he made) for baby sister. We even have one for our amazing supportive daddy!
Over the weekend I finally got around to ordering our birth kit and picked up  on Monday, it has everything we need baring a true emergency (in which case we will have 6 other adults here with cell phones who can call 911 and the hospital is less than a 5 minute drive away). 
The pool has been opened and disinfected and is ready to be (fully) inflated/filled once labor starts. I got out the big blue tarp we have and folded it down to a more decent size then covered it with a clean sheet to help protect the floor from any possible leaks from the pool or otherwise lol.
I have all the baby towels, swaddles, and newborn sized diapers washed, folded and ready to go!
So for now, we are just patiently waiting. I'm enjoying the time with my big boy and all the snuggles he has been giving me. Being anxious for her arrival is making time go by slowly but I know that it's going to be just a blink of an eye before we are a family of 4 not just 3 and I will miss the time alone with my sweet boy!

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