Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Birth Prep: Tiny Thank You

I had been hunting for a small "thank you" gift to give to my midwives after baby is born.
I thought about decorating coffee mugs and putting some nice tea in them, making bath salts and some sort of relaxation scrub, other small treats like homemade caramels (bought by me though)-caramel apples-etc. All those ended up being a little more costly when all is said and done but I knew I would find something other than a card. Then one day on Instagram I saw a post that Mom's Best Network had put together for "teacher appreciation" day. The second I saw it I loved it and knew it just fit perfectly as a "thanks for helping me through my pregnancy and birth", it was cheap and easy to do in just a couple hours. 
Here is the example from Mom's Best Network.

And here is my end result! 
The Little Jedi helped me select three different succulents. 
I was unable to find any ceramic pots small enough to comfortably hold the succulents so I gently removed the plants from the pots that they came in, cleaned them, spray painted the plastic pots solid white, and allowed them to dry. 
Then I found and used all recyclable items to decorate the pots. 
Pink cardboard from an old doughnut box, ribbon from packaging that was sent to me from vendors I ordered things from, a drink straw, felt bows from old craft projects. 
Then I printed out the "thank you" tags (for free) from Mom's Best Network and put it all together! 
I love how the turned out, they look homemade and just so cute!
I really hope that they enjoy them as a small little memento, I'm sure they will, I know I would.

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