Saturday, June 7, 2014

Dinosaur Discovery-OMSI

Our family adventure took us to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) in down town Portland area. They have a dinosaur exhibit set up right now so when we found out about it we knew we had to take the Little Jedi to check it out.
It was going to be one of those things that either made him poop his pants with excitement or total fear.
But we were fairly confident that he would go crazy over it and love it.
And we were right!
When we walked in he saw the poster advertising the exhibit and pointed wildly saying "mommy, mommy, roar-roar!" Before you get to the actual exhibit there are a couple random animatronic dinosaurs right out front of it, and he seemed a little shocked by them at first but then he got a glimpse inside the main hall and took off running!
He had so much fun checking each dinosaur out, pointing at it, talking with daddy about them, growling at them. 

We walked through the exhibit at least 5 times before doing anything else, and even if that's all we had done for the day he would be been more than happy and we would have called it a success!

After finally getting away from the dinosaur exhibit we took him upstairs to see what else OMSI had to offer. The whole museum seems to be hands-on learning based which is awesome because all humans learn best by interacting. We walked through the biology area making our way towards the small space science center they have amongst other life sciences (water, wind, earth minerals, etc). Each thing was able to hold his interest for at least a short time and the important thing is he had fun. 
After exploring in there, and having a random toddler melt down, we moved onto the actual children's section of the museum. What a cool place! 

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