Tuesday, June 3, 2014

One To Go.

About one month till her estimated arrival that is.
Give or, take a few days or possibly a week.
Who really knows.

It's pretty crazy that we're about to hit 37 weeks pregnant.
If she were born tonight she would still be considered "early term", only once you reach 39 and 40 weeks are you considered "full term". 41-42 weeks is considered "late" or "post term".
So despite what many pregnant mothers say and think when they reach 37 weeks, nope you're not "full term" till you hit 39 weeks. 

At 36/37 weeks I'm pretty ready for her to make her arrival, kicks, pushes, and rolls are becoming more painful as she is a strong little girl! 
My hip is still giving me pain, my SPD is also very painful but thankfully I was able to find a chiropractor who works with pregnant women and has lots of experience helping them with relief of SPD, so I was able to get in and see her and it really greatly helped!
Up to having an adjustment for the SPD walking more than a few feet ended up causing mild low contractions, and had been doing so for several weeks. After the adjustment I'm moving a little easier and not experiencing as many contractions when walking. But I'm feeling rather useless and helpless with how quickly I become tired and need to rest again. So yeah, I am ready for those things to be over with and hopefully be able to walk normal without pain very soon!

Yesterday I had a home visit with the midwife team, so they knew where we lived, how to get here, and about how long it takes them to arrive from their houses. 
It has already been discussed that they all (midwife team, doula, and photographer) want me to call them the SECOND I think that I am going into labor. 
Because of how fast my labor was with the Little Jedi, 3.5 hours from first contraction to holding him (even with it being augmented by Pitocin) they all are under the impression that labor this time around will happen quickly as well and don't want to miss her actual arrival. 
They are all now grouped in my phone under "BIRTH TEAM" so Daniel can easily call or group text them if I am unable to do so, but I should probably write the numbers down and stick it to the fridge to be safe since I have a toddler who loves to drain the battery on my phone and then misplace it.
The birthing birth pool was dropped off to us this weekend and we will be inflating it likely this weekend to clean it, let it air out, and just find the proper space for it as it is apparently very big! 

My sweet Little Jedi has been so helpful.
He's always been helpful but it seems like he is more so the last couple weeks. He loves helping to vacuum, he helps me clean up his toys, will put his dirty clothes in the hamper, and his shoes back by the door. I'm not sure how many other toddlers willingly do those things but I'm sure impressed and thankful that he does!
His new thing is to sit on my lap facing me and pull both our shirts up then bump bellies with me.
I don't think that he is at the age where he comprehends exactly what is going on and what all is about to change in his little world, even though tee talk to him about baby sister often, but I know without a doubt that he is going to be a fantastic big brother and just love his baby sister.
As the days come to a close of us being a family of three I am just trying to absorb and enjoy my one n one time with him as much as possible. Daddy will still be able to put lots of focus on him but it's going to be more difficult for me to figure out how to balance that for the first few months because (breastfeeding) newborns are so dependent on mom, and that makes me sad.
There will always be room for him to come and cuddle up with me though! And I am really hoping that I will be able to get little sister on a good nap schedule so he and I can have at least a hour each day for just the two of us to hang out! 

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