Thursday, June 26, 2014

Time With Our Big Boy

With each passing moment time winds down on us being a family of three and the Little Jedi being an only child. So we are trying to just enjoy and make the most of each moment we have with just our big boy. After daddy got home from work last night we went swimming then to to get some ice-cream. 
This was actually a first for the Little Jedi as we have never taken him to get ice-cream before. 
After sampling a few different brightly neon colored flavors he chose the one he wanted. 
He ended up choosing a neon blue-blueraspberry sherbet which I think he liked more for the color than the flavor because he kept stealing bites of my rainbow sherbet for himself. 
His face ended up as a big blue mess and he loved every single bite!

Daddy trying to steal a bite!

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