Saturday, June 21, 2014

Walk It Out

After false labor for several hours this past Wednesday and a couple more hours of false labor on Thursday nothing has been going on. 
While her guess due date is still not till next week this weekend we were hoping that out of convenience of dada having the whole weekend off and it giving us more time to bond and adjust before family shows up from out of state, that she would arrive- yesterday haha! 
That obviously did not happen. 
So today we went for a long hike up Mount Talbort just down the road from us, hoping that the activity would promote the start of labor. Unfortunately I experienced zero contractions while we were on our hike up or down, not even a mild cramp! 
The hike was beautiful though! 
The Little Jedi had so much fun exploring everything and collecting rocks and sticks, it made for a great day.

So, we have just come to the conclusion that she will wait till mid week and decide to make her appearance then when it's not convenient for us haha! 

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