Thursday, July 24, 2014

Final Moments

I wrote this to my Little Jedi as labor slowly started in the middle of the night on July 3rd.

My sweet Demitri. My first born, my first little miracle rainbow baby. It's like you knew things were starting and that soon everything would be crazy and changing. You snuggled up next to me in bed but wouldn't go to sleep. 
You held my hand and gave me kisses. I had been having back pain and figured I just had to use the restroom so when I got up to use the bathroom (around 12:30-1 AM) you followed me there as well.
I sent you back to bed and like the good boy you are you listened but when I went into tell daddy that I thought my water was leaking and I was going to the living room to try and get contractions going you got up and followed me out there too. I let you stay up with me and pick out a movie because even though for the next hour nothing was happening I knew those would be the last moments we had together of it truly being just you and I. You chose to watch Baby Einstein's Lullabies, a calming music video, I used to put it on for you in the evenings when you were a little younger. You laid down on the couch, snuggled up under a blanket watching it. 
Then you would get up and come over to me to and try to climb into my lap as I bounced on the ball, still trying to get contractions started. You snuggled with me as best you could laying your head on my legs, rubbing my back and giving me tons of kisses. We talked about the movie and noises we heard outside. It was so still and quiet in those final moments of just us together. You were finally getting very very sleepy so I took you back down to bed and laid there with you and you fell asleep in my arms so fast. I lay there with you snoring way as my contractions finally started and immediately became intense but I didn't move because I didn't want to wake you.

Love you sweet boy, you will always be my baby!

Friday, July 11, 2014

She's Here!

Things have been so busy that I have not been able to find a moment to make a post but, Avalon Rose was born July 3, 2014 at home in the water at 5:15 AM after less than 4 hours of labor. She weighed in at 9lbs and 22in long. She is such a sweet alert baby and we are all loving her to bits! 
Birth story and many more photos later.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

41 Weeks Pregnant

Me and my big mouth...
So, I'm still here and pushing 41 weeks pregnant.

I know babies chose their due dates when not forced out but it is hard to be patient when 1) you track your cycle so you know the "due date" is right 2) you have had major discomfort from sciatica and SPD for months and would like both to stop 3) feel it's too hot and humid to continue being pregnant lol. But here we are anyways still waiting and doing out very best to be patient about it.
From the start I told (Daniel) that I had a feeling she would be about a week late and end up being born the 4th of July. As the seconds tick by I am closer and closer to being right, I mean I am already right about the "late" part haha.
I have been using the large "birth ball" most every moment I have that I am not standing to try and get her rotated into a proper/engaged position to get labor going but the little princess that she already is she refuses to stay with her back out so easily. The Little Jedi has seen me do this so much lately that he copies me and does it himself when I am not using the ball.

This morning I had a home visit with my midwife who just did a quick check to make sure everything is still looking and sounding good. Big brother helped listen to baby sister again, showed off his toys, and read a dinosaur book.

So still just waiting around for her to show up.
Everything is still ready to go and the house is still cleaned, all the paperwork is filed and in order so nothing to worry about but birthing a baby now!

Tick tock when will she come out? I mean really little missy don't you know you have lot of people out here waiting to meet you and see your sweet face!